Our Adventure to Dublin Ireland

Thinking & Planning

Something we’ve always wanted to do was travel the world.  And, so we did, we worked and planned for all our trips around the world.  Afterall, you live once and you cannot take things with you, so why not enjoy that life and travel, create experiences and love the people of the world.  There is so much rich culture and food to experience. The daily lives from one country to another can be so different and yet, make so much sense. The economies are set up differently and the shops are not Megastores as we have all over in the United States.  Yes, we are originally from the United States and that is and will always be our home. However, seeing the world is our passion and our dream. So, we are off to Dublin Ireland.

Dublin Airport

We first land in Dublin Airport.  The first thing we notice is that is it crazy busy.  People are hustling all over and it’s not a surprise as this is one the largest airports around.  So, we suggest that you put together a plan. It is easy to plan ahead as the airport has a map online to be able to navigate properly.  We are finally ready to leave the airport and pass all the customs things and now, WOW, the options. In the US, most just get a rental car, but here there are buses and taxies and oh my.  This is another area that is helpful to look at the options and plan ahead as well.

Temple Bar

Things we wanted to visit while in this amazing town were the Temple Bar, which is rich with history and dates back to the 1300’s.  Just seeing it in person was jaw-droppingly awesome. The red exterior did not disappoint, it has that Irish feel we totally expected and, not going to lie, the Irish accents are still super cute.  

The Temple Bar

Guinness Storehouse

We headed on over to the Guinness Storehouse, as it may look, we do love Irish beer and what better place to learn about it than from Guinness.  This place was totally amazing. There were several floors rich with Irish history and we learned so much about the Guinness family along the way.  The reward for learning all of this was a nice pint of Guinness with a 360-degree view of Dublin!! That view was spectacular. Seeing all of the architecture and old buildings was truly amazing and totally worth it.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

St. Patrick’s Cathedral was another great stop along the way.  In fact, we were very curious of this Cathedral, after all, it was St. Patricks and being from the states with all the St. Patricks festivities, this one caught our eye.  This was founded in 1131, which was sooo cool to us. Seeing things older than the United States was one part of the trip that was just so humbling. The stonework and detailing was unbelievable, there is simply nothing like this back home.  The size of the space was, well, just WOW. Looking at all the stain glass and ceilings and yes, this was certainly one of our favorites.

Just roaming the streets of Dublin was an experience.  The buildings are so old and the stonework is so amazing.  Listening to the people speak and enjoying the rich culture there.  Of course, there are pubs all around to have a quick bite to eat and a beer.  There are cathedrals and churches all over. Visiting the places such as the Trinity College Library, Phoenix Park and so much more.  We truly loved Ireland.