Down Under In Sydney Australia

Traveling hasn’t gotten boring, it’s what we love, and exploring these new cities has been simply amazing.  This is the life to live for sure. This next trip, we travel to Australia.  Sure, there’s the Opera House that is what this place is known for, and it is pretty cool to see in person.  However, there is so much more to this great place. And, since, Opera isn’t our thing, we didn’t actually go see an Opera, but I’m sure if you enjoy that sort of thing, this is the place to go.  The architecture was beautiful though, but we love looking at buildings and gardens.

During this trip, we did much of what we do best, wander.  We love to get out there and take a look around at all there is to see.  Tourist attractions aren’t always the coolest part of a vacation, and sometimes there are some off the beaten path attractions that are way more interesting.

SS Ayrfield

We found a great off the beaten path option, of course.  The SS Ayrfield, which is found in Australia’s Homebush Bay.  Homebush Bay was a trading port at one time but now there are ships that were decommissioned and left where they are floating.  This one, in particular, has been taken over by trees, which was a cool site to see.

Wendy’s Secret Garden

We love the city but we also love to find these hidden treasures of grass.  Being from the Mid-West we are used to seeing more grass than cement and pavement.  Well, Wendy’s Secret Garden didn’t disappoint. Apparently, this garden is built over an old railway yard by a grieving woman.  But, the sites and smells are so beautiful and seeing the city from afar was a nice touch. This place is on the North side and not far from Luna Park. The entrance is under the old train tracks and isn’t really easy to spot, but well, it is a “Secret Garden”.

Cockatoo Island


Cockatoo Island is rich in history from Convicts to shipbuilding.  There are cafes to grab a bite to eat or pack a picnic. There is a beautiful campground that is only $45 a night to stay with a tent if you are on a budget, this is a nice option.  We didn’t stay here but it would be a great option. It was, however, a great place to visit that was close to the city but away from the hustle and bustle. The smell and sites of the harbor are amazing and it is certainly a place to take time to visit if you are ever in Sydney.  The waterfront cafes and panoramic harbor views were just amazing and breathtaking.

Bondi Beach

bondi beach

The BEACH!  Yes, we, of course, had to check out the most famous beach in Australia and it didn’t disappoint.  The people watching here was amazing, however, there were also great waves and cafe’s all over. It took about a half hour from Sydney’s center to get there and it was certainly worth the wait.  The coastal trail was amazing to walk and listen to the peaceful ocean sounds and you can swim in various spots, however, it’s the ocean and it is cold. Of course, just seeing the ocean is a great treat for this mid-western couple.